Rajnikanth and Cooking joke

Rajnikant went to world cooking championship..
Of course rajni won
but guess what he made in finale???
.sweetmeat from red-chillies...
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Rajnikanth Cricket and Brian lara

A boy once broke the window of Rajinikanth's house while playing cricket. Rajni warned the boy to play slowly. The boy is now known as brian lara.
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Rajnikanth and facebook

*Facebook founder Mark Zukerburg is hospitalized with serious injury…… Reason- Rajnikant poked him on facebook…

*Once Rajnikant Participated In Bike Race Dont Even Try To Guess What Happened Rajnikant Won The Race On Neutral Gear..
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Rajnikant and smoking

.FEW days ago in Pakistan  airports were closed due to heavy fog. Later it was discovered that  RajniKanth was smoking in India!

santa in exam hall

santa banta were fighting after exam.
Sir: why are you fighting?

santa : This fool left the answer sheet blank,
Sir: So what?

santa: Even i did the same thing, now teacher will think that we both copied.

rajnikanth went to us

Once Rajnikant went to U.S. And met Pamela Anderson..he got desperate and wanted to masturbate..
So he went behind a building and did it for few minutes….
That building is now known as…

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Tomorrow the whole world will face a big powercut....  from 10AM to 4 PM
you know why???
because rajnikant is going to charge his mobile..

Rajnikant gravitational force.

Once rajnikant participated in high jump.
When he jumped ,then whole earth felt earthquake. Scientist were amazed because earthquake center was from a plane area
After two days scientist concluded that the earth quake was due to Rajnikanth Gravitational force.
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rajnikant and a cold night in a inn

Once Rajnikanth stayed in a inn . It was very cold night.Rajnikanth started smoking cigarette.Now everyone was gazing at him.
Rajnkanth to Passenger>> Why You people gazing at me?
Passenger>> we are trying to get some relax from cold and Making warm our body from the heat of your cigarette.

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Rajni kanta jokes

Funny joke Santa and rajni's toilet

once santa went @ rajni's home, rajni was in his laterine
after afew minutes later rajni comes out , now santa was amzed to see laterine and said
"wow what a swimming pool may i take a bath here"

Funny Hindi sms joke:Rajnikanth and his injured Finger

once rajnikant got injured his finger,
so docter cuts it down
a guy picked it up
and launched it as missile 
later that guy become missile man of india DR.apjabdul kalam 

funny joke:Rajnikanth the dance instructor of Michal Jackson

once Rajnikant was dancing in his room ,a a guy peeped inside the room & see the rajni dancing for a moment........
.later that guy become famous as michal jackson.....


 funny joke :Rajnikanth and a nigh in dharmshala

bar rajni kant ek dharmshala me thahra  .ye bahut shardi ki rat thi. rajnikant ne ek cigrate jalayi . lekin sabhi yatri uski taraf ghurne lage.
rajnkant to yatri>> tum log mujhe kyo ghur rahe ho?
yatri>> ham log hath sekne ke liye aapke cigrete phekne ka intjar kar rahe hai


 Rajnikanth and his high jump funny sms hindi joke

Once rajnikant participated in high jump. 
When he jumped ,then whole earth felt earthquake. Scientist were amazed because earthquake center was from a plane area 
After two days scientist concluded that the earth quake was due to rajnikant gravitational force.

Rajnikanth in Fight of Ram & Ravan funny joke

Ram and Ravan were in a serious fight..
    In the middle of the fight Ravan suddenly stopped after he saw someone standing behind Ram
    Ravan : Acha chal bye..
    Ram : Arey kya hua?
    Ravan : Kuch nai ..bas bye
    Ram : Arey lekin hua kya??
    Ravan : Itni si baat ke liye Rajinikanth ko kyun bulaya yaar? :-)

Funny One liner based on rajnikanth sms jokes  in hindi

* Govt of India pays tax to Rajinikanth for living here

    * When Rajinikanth goes to a gym to workout, no one can workout since Rajini uses all the weights available.

    * Einstein said you can't move at the speed of light, obviously he was never kicked by Rajinikanth

    * Why Himalayas are rising? It's simple. Rajinikanth lives in Chennai. Lever effect.

    * Adam and Eve are children of Rajinikanth

    * Rajinikanth is so fast that he always comes yesterday

    * Rajinikanth can get rid of his shadow

    * Rajini's fav desert: Lal michi ki meetha kheer

    * Rajini can eat dosa with chop sticks

    * Tornado changes course when it sees Rajini standing in it's way

    * Police dept is bored because of 0 crime in the city where rajini lives

    * Gabbar singh forgets his dialogues when he sees Rajinikanth

    * Rajini won the best actor oscar for his acting in a game of dumb charades

    * The box office collection of the movie RA-One Was less than parking collection of ROBOT.......!

    * Once Rajnikanth became the coach of Indian cricket team and guess wha India won the Fifa world cup !



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