Woman cloth in laundry

A woman sends her clothing out to the laundry one a week.  When they come back she notices there are still stains on her knickers.
So next week she encloses a note to the
laundry that says, "Please use more soap on knickers."
This goes on for several weeks, the woman sending the same note to the laundry.
Finally, fed up with the notes the laundry replies, "Please. Use more paper on arse!"

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Rugby Player And Coach

A Huge Guy goes to try out for his University Rugby Team.
coach:Can You Tackle?
Guy:"Sure,Watch this,"the freshman replies
,as he ran smack intoa telephone pole,
shattering it to splinter.
Coach:wow! im'm impressed. Can you run?
Guy:"Of course," says the freshman, as speeds off like a bolt of lightning and completes a
hundred yard dash in 10 seconds.
Coach:"That's great,“ says the coach with enthusiasm,” but can you pass a rugby ball?”Rolling his eyes and hesitating for a moment,
Guy: "Hey, if I can swallow
it, I can pass it!"
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Teacher And Student

Teacher: Why are you late?
Student: Mom and dad were
Teacher: They were fighting, so
why are you late?
Student: One shoe was with dad
and the other was with mom
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Student and teacher

Teacher: Whoever answers my next questions can go home.
A boy throws his bag out of window.
Teacher: Who threw the bag?
Boy: Me, and I am going home. :)

Why We Sometimes Write "Etc" In Exams?
Because It Means.
E-End Of

But Teacher Won't Ever Understand Our Feelings

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Fighting Ladies joke

 Two ladies fighting for a seat in a bus.Conductor: Lady who is more aged should sit here.Both looked at each other and the seat remained empty.

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