Santa Banta Jokes:Santa in the class room

            Santa Banta  Jokes : Santa in the classroom
Teacher :Tell me five creatures that live in water.
Santa: frog.
teacher:four others?
santa:his mother,his father,his brother and his sister.

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Rajnikanth Jokes:Rajnikanth and his europe Tour

Rajnikanth Jokes: Rajnikanth and his Europe Tour

Once Rajnikanth went to Europe .It was very cold day .The whole land was covered with snow.There was two beggars were shivering there due to cold.You know Rajnikanth is very emotional he felt pity on them .So he took two ice cubes rubbed them and produces Fire.It made a big relax to beggars.

Moral of the story:"Rajnikanth can Produce fire by Rubbing two ice cubes"

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