• If You want to be back in your childhood just don't bother about world.
  • "Third person never creates misunderstanding between two people... But Misunderstanding between two person creates space for third person".
  • It is very easy to know someone but it is very difficult to understand someone.
  • Life may not be the festival
    U hoped for,
    but that doesn't mean stop celebrating.
    Always remember you are the DJ of your life...
    spin it...rock it.....live it...
  • Life is a race here everyone is competing to other to be  successful but each person should move forward keeping his abilities in mind.Each person has own interest and capabilities.
  • Whatever you give to life,it gives you back.Do not hate anybody.The hatred which comes out from you will someday comeback to you.Love others and love will comeback to you.
  • Life is cycle of ups and downs, highs and lows dawn and dusk fame and defame,happiness and suffering, prosperity and poverty so neither be to much happy on success nor felt graveness on failure.
  • Life is not measured by days you live but by the days that makes you feel to live.

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FACEBOOK STATUS:Funny Facebook Status

"In these day every one is connected through social networking sites.Like facebook , twitter,myspace , each one have to share their views share something interesting to his friend so that they can enjoy it and You are always available in map with them.Here is collection of some Most Funny Facebook  & social Networking Status ,Timelines And quotes."

  • we live in world where loosing your mobile phone is more dramatic than loosing your virginity.
  • Every morning when I wakes up in the Morning & see the mirror I see a guy more Intelligent than me.

  • There is a lot of ways to suicide but I decided to marry slow and sure.
  • What happens when you tell a joke to an egg?
     It cracks up laughing!(LOL).
  • Facebook is just Like a local language does not matters how you use it.
  • I never tells the truth.But It is Truth What I tells Becomes Truth.
  • Every morning when I wakes up in the Morning & see the mirror I see a guy more Intelligent than me.
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