FACEBOOK STATUS:Funny Facts About Girls

  • Fools says that  I will impress that girl but wise man says that girl will try to impress me.
  • I never like a Girl which looks good but girl that "looks good".
  • Miracle is not to make a girlfriend. Miracle is to make friend that becomes girl.
  • Girlfriends are just like elephants.Because they make a guy hollow just an elephant makes the Peanut hollow from inside.
  • Always propose to girl when she is looking for a friend.So he she will like to be your girl friend.
  • Never think about A girl in dream .Always think about dream girl.
  • when a girls look more in boys and less in friends means she is looking for a boy friend.
  • Boys always get Bored by using one thing again and again but girls become more interested when they use "ONE THING".

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