cat and mouse joke

Mouse ws going with his kids.

CAT jumpd in front of dem..

Mouse shoutd - BHOW BHOW

Cat ran away !!!

Mouse -" tht's d advntge of learnin foreign language ;

Sant banta jokes:santa and the thieves

Santa ke Ghar Chor aaya. Santa ne dekha to chor Bhaaga.

Santa bhagte bhagte chor se bhi Aage nikal gaya.

Santa: Saala Ek to Chori............

Upar se Race... Ye to mai hi jeetunga.....

Fun joke:Young Girls and unmarried man

3 young Ladies proposed a MAN.

He had to choose one of them..

He tested by giving them Rs.5000 each 2 spend.
1st bought make up stuff & new dresses & said she wanted to look good for him.

2nd got him few expensive shirts

& ties and perfumes

& said she wanted him to look good.

3rd one invested the money,

Got profit

& returned him original amount,

saying that she saved the rest for their future.

Finally MAN decided To marry The lady who was


Prettiest :D

Moral : Men never change ;-)

comedy conversation between breaked up girl and boy

Conversation Between Girl & Boy after Break-up"

Girl : Your New Girlfriend is Pretty (Girl Thinks in Mind....Is she Really Pretty than Me ???)

Boy : Ya She is...!! (Boy Thinks in mind....But you are still the most Beautiful Girl i know)

Girl : I Heard that she is Funny & Amazing (All the Stuff that i wasn't)

Boy : Sure She is....(But she is nothing compared to you)

Girl : Well I Hope...You both last...(We never did)

Boy : I Hope you do too....(What Happened to You & Me...???)

Girl : Well...I gotta go....(Before i start Cry)

Boy : Ya me too...(I Hope you don't Cry)

Girl : Bye....(I Still Love you & Miss you)

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