Jokes on zip opened

      Situational joke of open ZIP

This is based on situation when person forgets to close his zip. or unzip his chain and shame he has to face.

this joke is full of comedy humor and situation fun

a lady sitting alone at a bar sees a man leave the bathroom with his zip down...she silently tells him, "dude, ur garage door is open"
while pulling his zip up he asks with a grin on his face, "did u see my hummer in there?"
"nah", she replys, "i just saw a mini cooper with two flat tires"

GirlFriend and his foolish Boyfriend joke

foolish Boyfriend at dinner with girlfriend


This is girfriend vs boyfriend jokes best on basically idea of foolish when he was meating with girls parents.

A girl invited her boyfriend (Vusi) over for dinner @ her home, so that he could meet her parents. While they were eating, it started raining heavily outside. The girl's mother said: "Vusi, I think you should sleep over here because this rain shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. After eating the mother went to the bathroom, the father went to sleep and the girl went to the kitchen, when they returned he was no longer there. As they were busy wondering where he was, he came back soaking wet. Mother: "Where were you and why are you so wet?" Vusi: "I went home to fetch my pyjamas.

chinese product jokes

This joke is based on the idea basically that Chinese products are not long lasting...

My friend HUBBLY SMOKER had a CHINIES gf,and they had a child but after 3 months their child past away...

So on funeral day HUBBL's mother was crying,and buzy saying "I KNEW,I KNEW,I KNEW" one of her friend ask her that "What she Knew?..." she said..."I KNEW THAT CHINIES THINGS DOES NOT LAST".

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