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Raju Srivastav comedy video Beti KI Vidaii


Raju srivastav is  one of the best comedians of India .comedy video Beti ki Vidaii is among the one of best comedy video of raju srivastav

In this vedio Raju srivastav described about the separation of a girl from home after marrige in a funny comic and humorous way.

Biological father joke

               Biological father joke

THis joke is the based on idea that a man made many babies to other woman then problem is how her daughter can marry to a boy , but daughter is also not his biological child. this is a funny humorous adult joke.

A gal desperately wanted to get married but when she introduced hr partner to hr parents, her father would just say dont marry hm. Y? the gal askd, he is ur half brother hr dad replied.... The same story happend 3 times. The gal then angrily went to hr mom nd said 'where were u all the timem when dad was busy making babies' her mom said dont worry u can marry any of your Boy friends.... He is not your biological father

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