hindi joke: pappu and the jyotishi

Pappu jyotshi ji ke Pass Kundli
Dikhane Gaya.
Baba - Tera Naam Pappu Hai ?
Pappu - Ha, Maharaj
Baba - Teri Biwi ka Naam Dolly
Pappu - Ha, Maharaj.
Baba - Teri 2 Betiya Hai ?
Pappu - Ha, Maharaj.
Baba - Tune Abhi 10 Kg. Chawal
Kharide hai ?
Pappu - Ha, Maharaj. Aap To
Antaryami hai Maharaj.
Baba - Dafa ho Ja Haramkhor
Yahan se, Agli Baar KUNDLI lana,
Ration Card Nahi.


Oldman and boy joke on about her daughter

--> Once An Oldman was waitng 4 Train..
Boy:What's the Time?
Oldman: Sorry
Boy: Time?
Boy: Why?
Oldman: If i tel u the time, u will ask me my name, my job etc
Then both of us will b
May b u get seat beside me.
U may go 2 same city..
My daughter will come 2 reciev me.
She is beautiful U both may fall in love
Den she might insist to marry u
I'm sorry I dont want a son in- law
who doesnt even have a
watch! ..
Boy: Bohot harami ho uncle aap.. =D =))

Joke on excessive use of facebook


A boy's facebook status
I'm Online on Fb during
Lecture hahaha...
Comment from his professor:
"Get out of the Class now"
Principal Liked comment! ;-)
Friend commented:
"Jaldi aa yaar, cafe mein item
hai" :D
Gate keeper's comment:
"Saab pehle idhar aa ke apni
bike Lock kardein" :P
Mom commented:
"Nalayak class nahi karni toh
sabzi Le ke
seedha ghar wapis aa.." :P

Dad commented:

Dekhlo apne betay ki

Girlfriend commented:

I Hate U! Mujhse kaha tha
Daddi ka accident hogaya wo
hospital mein hai..
Mil nahi sakta...

Daddi commented:

Manhoos tu ghar aa batati hun
tujhe nalayak... :D

"Funny Joke :excessive use of  Facebook .In this Joke is based on the idea that a boy was using facebook in the class at the same time all of his friends professor parents were online this is a funny facebook comedy situation"


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