Romantic love poetry and phylosphy

Romantic love quote

"You love rain,
but you use an umbrella to walk under it..

You love sun,
but you seek shade when it is shining...

You love wind,
but you close windows when it comes to you......

i m scared when you say;
you love me!!!!"

nature, spirtualism and happyness

Philosophy of happiness

HAPPINESS - Is all about perspective...

The reason people find it so hard to be happy is because they
always see the past better than it was, and the present
worse than it really is!

Inspirational story about life

Inspirational story about how to live life

Group of ex students visited their University Professor.
Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in life.
Offering them coffee, Prof returned from kitchen with a pot of coffee in different cups: Porcelain, Glass, Crystal, some plain looking, some expensive.
When all had a cup of coffee in hand.

# Professor said:

If U noticed all d expensive cups were taken up first, leaving d plain ones. It is normal for U to want only d Best. But that is also d source of Ur stress.

What U really wanted was Coffee, NOT Cup, But U all still went for d Best Cups & were eyeing each other's Cups!

If Life Is Coffee, then Jobs, Money & Status in Society are d Cups.

They are just tools to hold & contain life.

Don't let d Cups drive you.
Enjoy D Coffee.!! :)

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