Best jokes about being late

One day one dad comes home late from work. He goes to his room and finds his son playing on his bed. He sits over there and asks his son about his day in the school, his son was angry because his father had come late from work.
 His mother was also away from the city for a few days so he was feeling lonely and decided to play with his train on the bed of his father. His father decides to read a magazine and starts reading it.
While he is reading the magazine his son who is playing with the train says “Any idiot who wants to get out of train should get out”. His father sees that his son says this sentence after every round of the train on its track.

Father feels that his son is learning something bad and he should do something to stop it. So at the moment he responds by taking the train off the track. His son sits there quietly. He feels touched to see the way his son is sitting.
 So he decides that he should give the train back to him. The father gives his son the train back and says “Son don’t repeat the same mistake again”.
He puts the train on the bed in front of his son. After some while his son picks up the train and puts it back on the track. While the train takes the round he thinks of something and smiles.

The round at last ended and at the end of the round he says something a little different this time. He says “Any idiot who wants to get out of the train should get out; the train already because of an idiot.

It was the best joke on train being late hehe

Best joke teacher and student on being late

--> TEACHER: Young man, you've been late for school every day this week.PUPIL: No, teacher, I was only late for school four days this week. The other day I
was absent.

TEACHER: Do you have any idea how many times you've been late for school this year?
PUPIL: Well, teacher, I don't think it's been more than once a day.

TEACHER: Young man, you've been late for school five days this week. Does that make you happy?
PUPIL: Sure does. That means it's Friday.

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