20 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Top Twenty Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

1.  Personalised Photopendant herat necklace Birtday Gift For girlfriend

After a long list of birthday gift the best gift for soulmate I found is Personalised Photopendant herat necklace. This Gift not only cost money it also shows love and sincerity towards her. Personalised photo.
It Is The Best Birthday gift for girlfriend that i one should giv her girlfriend.

2. Georgia personalized Ladies Wallet

It can be The Most Romantic Birthday gift for your Girlfriend. With this wallet she will feel your personal attention on her .This is the birthday gift that she will she many times in a day.
Georgia personalised waleet is aone of the best idea i think one shoud choose.

top 20 funny sunny leone jokes and sms

Movie director and sunny leone rape scene script joke

Director 2 Sunny Leone-
Suhagrat ka scene hai, Dudh ka glass le ke jana h aur hero ko pilana hai.
Sunny Leone:- Agar Glass se hi Pilana tha to Hema Ko le lete. !! 

funny sunny leony spostal stamp joke

Postal department has issued Sunny Leone stamps.
Men are confused which side to lick and which side to stick 

Sunny leone expression during sex ( mature humour)

Doctor: what expressions r on ur hubby's face during sex?
sunny leone : anger
Doctor: why??????????????????
sunny leone : because he is always watching from the window.

sunny leony and taxi driver joke in hindi

Sunny Leone to taxi driver- Airport
Driver- Haan chalunga….
Sunny leone- Kya loge ?
Driver- Gareeb Aadmi hoon behenji, Paise hee lunga._

Funny double meanig joke sunny leone learning hindi

Sunny Leone learning Hindi!Teacher askd her 2 translate in 2 English”Chaddar dekh kr pair failana”
“Wherever u see a bedsheet,Just spread ur legs..!___

sunny leaony as a teacher funny hindi joke

POGO Joke..!

#SunnyLeone class mein padha rhi thi.

A for Apple
B for Bat
C for Cat
L for L***
Sorry bachcho muh se nikal gaya.
sabhi bacche ek sath bole :
koi bat nahi madam Wapas muh mein le lo :P :D

#SunnyLeone class mein padha rhi thi.

A for Apple
B for Bat
C for Cat
L for L***

Sorry bachcho muh se nikal gaya.
sabhi bacche ek sath bole :
koi bat nahi madam Wapas muh mein le lo :P :D

Sunny leone met to aloknath funny celebrity jokes

Once Alok Nath meets Sunny Leone and she finds Alok to be hot.
Sunny Leone: You can touch me anywhere baby
Alok Nath: (Touches her head and says) Jeeti raho beti

sunny leone joke in marathi funny double meaning awesome awe awe jokes

सलमान खान : मि कपडे काढले तर माझी बॉडी बघायला 100 लोक ऊभे राहतात,
ह्रितीक रोशन : हं माझी बॉडी बघायला 500 लोक ऊभे राहतात,
जॉन अभ्रहम : अच्छा माझी बॉडी बघायला तर 1000 लोक ऊभे राहतात, सनी लिऒन : मि काही बोलु का !!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny leone ant tailor on cloths funny jokes sms

Sunny Leone Ne Tailor Ko Ek Rumaal De Ke Kaha,
“Meri 3 Dress bana dena 
Abb Aap Tailor Ka Confidence Dekho…
“Madam, Baaki Kapde Ka Kya Karu?”

funny sunny leone adult pictures

20 all time best sardar ji jokes to share on facebook and whatsapp

 1.Sardar Ji and his boss funny question answer joke

    Boss: Where were you born?
    Sardar ji : India ..
    Boss: which part?
    Sardar ji : What 'which part'? 
                                            Whole body was born in India .

2.Sardar , A man and his wife funny joke in hindi

A man to sardar ji -- A man was kissing your wife in your Home.
Sardar ji rushes to his home.
AND came with half an hour.
and slapped That man
and  SAID--
He was not my friend.

Sardar ji joke on palne landing

Sardar ji plane land hote hi chillane lage.
Banglore aya banglore aya.Balle Balle'
Air Hostess: Helo sir.B silent
Santa-ok anglore aya anglore aya alle alle.

sardar ji ka interview funny hindi sardar joke

A sardar on an interview for the post of detective was
asked a question
Interviewer - Who killed Gandhiji ?
Sardar - Thanks for giving me the job, I will

Saradar ji and his teacher funny joke in english

Teacher: What is the name of the capital city of Punjab ?

sardar ji: Amritsar.

Teacher: sardar ji, you are wrong, you need to focus more on your studies.

sardar ji: Please madam, can I ask you a few questions.

Teacher: Yes, go ahead.

sardar ji: Do you know Jeeto ?
Teacher: No.
sardar ji: Do you know Preeto ?
Teacher: No.
sardar ji: Do you know Banto?
Teacher: (Angry) Hell no! Who are all these people and why do you ask ?
sardar ji: Teacher, you need to Focus more on your husband.

sardar ji and his firend funny joke in hindi

Santa:- Yar iska matlab kya hota hai, "I AM GOING"?
FRIEND:- Main jaa raha hun.
Santa :- Saaley, aise kaise jayega, 20 aur bhi aise ja chuke hain....answer bata ke jaa..

sardar ji on piizza hut saradar ji joke in hindi

A sardar went to Pizza Hut.
There he ordered a Pizza.
The Waiter asked him:
Sir shell I cut it into 4 pieces or 8 pieces.
Sardar replied:
O 4 hi le aa yaar,
8 to nahin khaye jayein gay

Sardar writting letter to his son funny sardar joke in hindi

Sardar was writing something very slowly.
Friend asked:" Why r u writing so slowly?
Sardar: "I'm writing 2 my 6 yr old son, he can't read very fast. 

sardar ji ki hair cutting funny hindi joke

man to saradar ji-Yaar Tune Itne Chote Chote Baal Kyu Katwaye?
sardar ji-Wo Yaar Hajjam ke Pass chhutte Nahi The 3 Rupye To Maine Bola 3 Rupye Ka Aur Kaat do.

fuuny hindi joke monkey and sardar ji

Sardar climbed a tree. Monkey asked: "Too uper kyon aaya?"

Sardar: "Apple Khane"

Monkey: "Yeh to mango tree"

Sardar: "Idiot, apple saath laaya hoon"

sardar ji at visit to ezypt pyramid

Two Sardarjis are looking at an Egyptian mummy.

Sardar 1: Look, so many bandages! Must be a pukka (real) lorry accident case.

Sardar 2: Aaho, lorry number is also written…BC 1760!!!

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