motivational story: you may live in peace

There was a king. he was a powerful king who undertook an expedition to conquer foreign lands. His wise counselor asked him, "Great king, to what purpose do you set out on this endeavor?" "To become master of Asia", the king replied. "And then what?" asked the counselor. "I shall invade Arabia", said the king. "And after that?" "I shall conquer Europe and Africa; and finally, when the whole world is under me, I shall rest and live at ease." To this the wise counselor retorted, "But what keeps you from resting and living at ease here and now, if that is all you want? You could settle down this very day without the trouble and risks.king was very impressed with this idea .he thought on it and finally decided to not plunge into these cycles of war.

Famous philosopher Paulo coehlo said "Energy that most of people looses to achieve something only enjoys 10 percent of it.

in out life most of us are in hustle and bustle of achieving their goal all the time. most of of us are think mostly what we have not but hardy hardly we admire what god has give us. rarely we enjoys our success and achievement so the .
TO be happy,  healthy and successful its very necessary for all of us to think positive .we have to be satisfied in our life. most of the successful people are just because they opted for positive our previous blog there we have  described  11 motivational books that can change a persons life .most of them tell us about changing our thinking pattern.

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