Don't Blame others change Yoursel

How to get over Irritating Situation Happening Again and Again

Whenever we find ourself in a irritating situtation like someone befooled you, ore someone force fully pressurized. then don't panic to such type of situations first we haveto think whether they are happening with us again and again if they are happening agai nand again then think over it in calm mind properly. 

Why they are happening with us? 
why me?

 Those people who are doing wrong is not responcible for ourproblem. Actually we are responsible for that because those wrong people and wrong situation will not change and it's their choice whether they change or not but if you does not want get into those situation or such types of people then we have to change our self . we have to learn tackle such situation , we have to learn haw to avoid such situation before they panic us. To get over all these type of situation we have to change our self. If we have to change ourself we have to stop blaming others because if we blame others we will not agree with our faults and if we are not agree with our faults then we will never think of changing ourself.

Success Quote- Winners Never Quit

Winners are not people who never fail.
Winners are people who never Quit.

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