Inspiring story: Problem handelling skill

A man's favourite donkey once fell into a deep precipice. He tried very hard to pull out his donkey. Inspite of trying very hard he failed to make his donkey out. So he decide to burry it alive. So it started pouring soul  on the donkey. Each time soul poured on donkey ,donkey shakes it off and steps on it more soil poured it shakes it off and steps up. and after a few hours he was grazing grass in the near by ground.

Similarly in our life there are many problems But we have not to be pressed down our self under the load of problems .we have to shake of the problems .we have not to give prblems apermanent space in our mind .we have to shake them one by one and make your mind free so that it can be some creative.

Once a man asked to a saint how to live life how to handle problems in life.he said always make your mind free from tension and problem becuase it make your life difficult as given in below example.Suppose There is water flowing somewhere. in between the flowing water stone are spread through out. Suppose you have to go from this side to other side . what will you do? You will simply put yoour legs on stone one by one and cross the water flow. And now if you are said to pick up the stone on which you puts your leg and carry with it. would you be able to cross the water flow. NO after a little it will be difficult for you to walk even. Same happens with life.

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