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 Short Stories for children: A Pair Of Horse
There was two horses that were same in their body,structure, Look  and appearance But on close Notice one can find that one was blind.
but the owner of horses loves both the horses. they share equal amount of food and affection.
the horse which was not blind was tied up with a copper bell.It was tied to him so that the blind horse can listen the sound of bell and not Miss his path.
On close watch on can see that other horse always see in his short period of time .Is he all right?
Owner never behave a partial behaviour with them. Other horse was always at much distance to blind horse so that he could here voice of bell does not lose his path.

Moral of story:" Just like owner of horse's god also does not Ignores us Just because of we are not perfect.Or we are facing problems .He watches and helps through  the persons."

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                        Funny Story:A Fox And A Wolf 

A fox and a wolf were once engaged in a quarrel.the wolf said i am the strongest of animals.the fox replied no animal is powerful as a man in his prime.the wolf boasted show me a man and we will see who is more powerful.just then an old man passed by.the wolf eagerly asked is he a man in his prime.the fox replied no .he is an old man.later a boy came that way.the wolf asked,is he a man.the fox negated.the wolf was about to leave.a hunter came that the fox is a man.the wolf wanted to show off.he gnarled and jumped at the man.the man being a hunter,thrashed the wolf.

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                       Kids Joke: Teacher And StudentTeacher: "what's the further away, Russia or the Moon?"
Student: "Russia!"
Teacher: "Russia? Whatever gave you that idea?"
Student: "Simple, We can always see the moon from the Japan, but not Russia!"
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